Telephone Betting

Conditions Covering The Facility

The Following Conditions Will Be Applied To the “Betcarib or Telephoned Betting” Account Facility:

  • This facility allows you to bet via your mobile phone namely “Betcarib” or by telephone (800-4BET)
  • Effect deposits and payments only from the account owner specified on the form.
  • Initiate a payment only upon the instructions of the account owner.
  • If betting via telephone account system; apply amounts only to the races specified by the account owner.
  • Withdraw this facility at any time in its absolute discretion.
  • One day’s notice must be given for queries on any betting transaction as well as requests for statements.
  • All telephone calls will be recorded.
  • The Arima Race Club will not be assigning accounts to legal residents of the United States of America, nor will it be
  • Reselling to any entity which accepts wagers or open accounts to legal residents of the United States of America.
  • All information provided by the account owner must be true and accurate.
  • The account owner will be placing wagers for personal and private use only and will not make any information, material or
  • services available from the Arima Race Club to any person.
  • Any wagers placed by a person other than the account owner is strictly prohibited.
  • The account owner agrees to give the right for the Club to conduct a criminal background check.
  • Transfer of funds between accounts is strictly prohibited.

Rules Applicable to Betcarib &Telephone Betting Account Holder (What is Telephone Betting About?)
Your account will have its own account number, the password for calling in bets will be provided by you. We have two systems
available, cash accounts or credit card accounts. Deposits can be made in person via any Amtote teller window at the track or at one of
our Off Track Betting (OTB) Shops. You may wager up to the balance in your account and winning tickets will be credited
immediately so you may wager against your winnings.

If using your mobile phone, upon request for this service, the Arima Race Club gives you an account number and a password. You are
to change the ARC’s password as soon as you set up your Betcarib account.

If you are 18 years or older and are a national of Trinidad and Tobago you are eligible to open an account with us. Applications must
be delivered in person by the Account Holder mentioned above in Section A. Deposits of cash, bank drafts, certified cheques and
money orders will be credited immediately to your account. Deposits made by cheque will not be credited until six (6) working days
following receipt of the cheque. You should be advised that all bets are subject to a 10% government tax.

Bets can be made by telephone each racing day as early as 30 minutes prior to post time of the first race. You are urged to place bets
as early as possible as we cannot be held responsible for not registering your bets in time for the race. You should be advised that it
takes longer to process a bet by telephone and there is a greater possibility of being ‘shut-out’.

How are bets placed? When you place a bet, you will be asked for your account name. The operator will ask you for your password. If
correctly provided, you will be given your account balance and you will be able to make wagers up to that amount. When placing a
wager, please specify the Race Track and the Race Number. The operator will repeat your wager and wait for your
acknowledgement that it is correct. If a discrepancy arises as to any portion of the accepted wager, the bet that was repeated by the
operator and acknowledged by the caller will be considered the actual bet.


Arima Race Club is pleased to present it’s new online betting platform. Now you can place your wager on both our Local and simulcast tracks from either your mobile phone / tablet or computer internet browser.

How to access Betcarib from your device

From your device’s web browser, go to the following URL: 

Types of BetCarib Accounts

Currently there are two types of accounts to use: Regular / Permanent Account and Daily Accounts.

Regular / Permanent Accounts
This account is an account created where you will be given a permanent account number within our system. If you
already have an existing Tele-Betting account then you can use this account to wager into Betcarib. For creating new
accounts or accessing your existing account, please contact our Mutuel Department via 800-4BET (4238) or 642-7223.

From here our Mutuel Department will give you your unique account number and temporary PIN number. We highly
advise you to change your PIN number within Betcarib via change PIN feature you will see.

Daily Accounts
This account is created by any teller terminal, and is only valid for one day. Any account balance not cashed out by day’s
end will be automatically converted to a credit voucher to be cashed at a later date. Upon request, the teller will present
you with your daily account voucher with the sum requested. Printed on this ticket will be your account number and PIN
(Account ID).

NB. Please keep your Daily Account Voucher safe, as it is the ONLY way to cash your winnings/remaining balance from
ANY teller terminal.


When browsing to website, you will be greeted with the welcome or selection screen as seen below.

You will be required to select the signup tab to begin. You will then be greeted with the registration page as seen below. 

You will then be asked to enter your credentials, Account number and PIN.

Complete the easy one-time 2 minutes registration process. After successful registration, you will then be taken to the wagering page as seen below.

Wagering Page

From here you can place a wager, view your balance and watch live races.